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Master Anthony von Sager was born in Germany and raised in Vienna. Anthony was told he would never walk (especially not without any assistance) or lead a healthy normal productive life because he was born with cerebral palsy nevertheless he did become a professional Athlete, a Teacher and a celebrated International Black Belt Champion competing in regular and Able-Body competitions. To highlight the able Body Divisions, his and others own creations, which did changed the understanding, and the Landscape of the Martial Arts Worldwide.


With that changed the daily perspective and fully Accseptance for all challenged-body athletes around the World! After decades of fighting for change, and acceptance, Master Anthony finally broken down those unthinkable Barriers and Walls of Disaptions and Prejudices, for Generations of young Athlets to be followed. Years  latter he unexpected receiving a Live time Achivement Award, and a nomination to the Jiu Jizu Hall of Fame for his restless journey.


Due to his efforts as Athlete & Teacher Master Anthony become unexpeted a Barrier Breaker and Inventor for change. All those competitors are now Woldwide fully integrated without any special treatments or events, right there, side by side! Which was long overdue, then 25 years after Master Anthony von Sager created and installed (first in Germany mid 80th at his own State Karate Competition's events) the so called "able body" divisions for all Events within. Saidly today still little change through out the rest of the Sport World. Hardly any Sport Events or daily Training Facilities, have a fully integrated weekly Disability Classes/programs.


Master Anthony now shares his wisdom, knowhow, knowledge, and dedication in his Programs: “Get Fit for Life”; his Keynote Speeches, Classes & Seminars; and his DVDs series, Get Fit for Life, Vol.1 – 4; as well his books. In his latest release, Get Fit for Life, DVD Vol. 4, Master Anthony melds his decades of training, his education as lic. Teacher, lic. Therapist with his Sport & Rehab background with all his knowledge for over three decades as an Athlete, and national Competition Team Coach. For more info see Event Page & Tai Chi Page.


His Programs combines his DVDs, Books, classes and seminars, sportrehab knowledge and speeches with his truly powerful life-changing message and his one-of-a-kind inspirational story! Master Anthony created this for anyone to heal, to be mentored, to be inspired – especially for anyone who needs to be in a better and healthier place in Life or simply to feel uplifted, inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated for our daily tasks ahead.


To Order Books & DVDs shoping page, (if you do order any products of Master Anthony by Amazon), or any other Artist, "do not click" on any links below, to order from small links below the main sellers page, there are "offroad dumping price sellers" and the Artist him self, get "NONE Royalties" at all! Not a cent what so ever, and Amazon do not care! Therfore better to Order from the Artist himself, and without any extra cost, Master Anthony gladly will sign any sold Books or DVD's of his as a Bonus. (with no worries over paypal or CC card, see shopping pages)



Best-selling author and Professor William Arnold of Pepperdine University of California, called Anthony a "One-of-a-Kind Motivational Speaker, a true Warrior of Life – a must for any team builder, a true inspiration!


Major James Hahn, of Los Angeles, CA, called Master Anthony a true inspiration and a positive example for all others.


President George Bush Jr., of the United States of America, called Master Anthony a wonderful example of what one can achieve, and his works are truly inspirational.


Kenneth H. Cooper, MD Founder of Aerobics & Cooper Institutes and Cooper Health Clinics named Master Anthony a true inspiration and example for all as well implemented part of Anthony’s Get Fit for Life System for his Clients of Cooper Clinics & Health Institutes! Just to name a few, for more info see, Feedback, @ Tetimonials Page



In Spring of 2000 ABC Cooperation of Disney Studios (Owner of ABC News & TV Broadcasting) producted and aired a Movie of the Month; Of a "Disabled Kid with Cerabral Palsy"! (CP), to be trained and Mentored from a Black Belt, to become a Black Belt and Champion againt all odds! "not even the specifics" of Anthony's true Lifestory did Disney studios changed trough out the Movie, stolen from his 3 page three act shortform of his own already award winning Screenplay named "Born to Fight". (Sundance 04 & Beverly Hills Film Festival 09 & 2011) placed  both times under the "top ten" as Finalist! Without any Agents or PR Firms. Simple one Man and his heartfelt true Lifestory told...


After Disney found out Master Anthony von Sager backround, and wellknown accseptance World wide, far beyone his Sport, after Airing (this unautorized) version of his copyrighted Lifestory, without his knowledge or his premission. Quick the Studio(s) (try) to cover his tracks to eliminate the entiere production with all his contants, acting like it never happen. Do to this facts and level of Insanity and Dishonesty, Master Anthony decited sadly to take a break as Actor in Hollywood. To be able to concetrated even more on his "Get Fit for Life" system, DVDs series and Books and his worldwide Health Power Speeches, (Gesundheits) Health Qi Gong Workshops. 


Because Master Anthony been the first, and back then (and to this Day) the only "CP disabled Fighter" and the first  celebrated testet disabled Black Belt Champion of the World! Therefore is little room for Errors on behalf of Disney Studios & ABC Cooperations! 25 years after Master Anthony broke this Untinkable Barries, and with that he changed the entiere Landscape of the Martial Arts for ever, by taken the lead by him self, against all odds. As a result today all disabled Athletes through out the Martial Arts are allowed & accsepted within, to train, teach, compete and drive!


In the same year(s) MGM had a metting with Master Anhtony for the posiblity of picking his Screenplay "Born to Fight" up for major Production in 2004 after placing well at Sundance, VP President Mr. Wilson of PBS Broadcasting ask Master Anthony for concideration of the posiblity to produce a major Documentery of his Life, using his script, Born to Fight - Book; Manuscript Eyes in Darkness, as a basis of there production...after top ten placing at Sundance Film Festival 04, Master Anthony Screenplays placed in 2011 5th place at Beverly Hills Film Festival, a.o. placings. In March 2024 Master Anthony von Sager Dark Night & High Tieds short screenplay Lifestory, places a good 2nd place "runner up" at Courage Film Festival...


Sadly do to the SAG Strike that following year, and do to the resulting budget cuts, with less funding both projects been but on hold. Sense then several major production Companies asking for Option(s) of his Lifestory Screenplay; "Born to Fight", which is in concideration for funding in Hollywood for same time. If one like to help with Funfing of this or other Projects of Master Anthony, feel free to contact Cloud Dancer Media, and after concideration and accseptance, the contact's to this major Hollywood Companies can be gladly established. 



Clips of Master Anthony on his YouTube channel: 


Info see Bio/Resume, contact at: Guest Book Page/ leave contact info at: clouddancermedia (@) gmail com for Manuskripts from Anthony von Sager.

For ART & FIGHT Venues, click on: Art & Fight page, future events will be posted on Facebook, www.artandfight.com  / Art & fight page




The "Enzo Effect" (the cycle of all things)


The sum of all things that we do every day is decisive for how we go our daily path, it is the daily cornerstone for ours "The totality of the whole", in Japanese it is called the "Enzo Effect". The Cycle of all thinks, of our Life...


All connections, our body, the spirit as well as our soul, our self in order to achieve harmony with our spiritual side as human beings, our daily existence as one. Our daily goal should be to strive for this with all of our heart, love and inner strength.


As a therapist & Teacher (Qi Gong & Shiatzu) the continuous Connection, as well as the harmony between our body, mind and soul to be grasped, diagnosed and treated as a whole. And together with Qi Gong, Aromatherapy, as well as with medicinal herbs, and good nutrition, to be achieved as a comprehensive overall concept. In order to be able to achieve the greatest possible recovery long term. (which are four out of five Pillars of the TCM).

This is the only way we will achieve our inner peace in harmony sustainable with our environment and „all“ of our fellow human beings as oneworldwide...


Sensei, Anthony von Sager

Getfit4yourlife.com / Tai Chi Page

Hamburg, the 14th of November 2021




        Living Kindness

Find kindness & humility in your everyday life,

regardless of time, space and surroundings,
Pursue your passion, follow your dream's every day...

Find your true destination through –
heal and share, the power of your Qi...

Improve the lives of others, daily...together,
you will find lasting love, wisdom & inner peace...

Anthony von Sager

Inspired & written for all Juliett's, I'm!

Easter, N. Germany 10th of April 2023







if You don't Dream through the Night...

follow your vision of the Day...

You can't awake and make it your Reality...!

Inspired by my wonderful friend, Juliette

Sensei, Anthony von Sager 08/18/14 CA 

For more stories, see Short Stories page


The World will „Not“ be Destroyed by those who do Evil, but by those who „watch“ them without doing anything about it… Albert Einstein.
Poem "Fire & Ice (out of side)" Support Ukraine (and far Beyond) are to see at Short Stories & Poems Page, Sensei AvS


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Power from witin Bushido, Softcover

by Anthony von Sager


 Get Fit for Life DVD vol. 4,

by Anthony von Sager