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past Events, Seminars, Booksignings & Health Retreats...

Past Events, Booksinings, Motivational Speacking & Qi Gong Tai Chi and Martial Arts Events around the World, if you like Master Anthony to MC or Guest Apperances of your Events, please contact Cloud Dancer Media, at cloud dancer media( @) or call (US) +1 800 five44 3615 for more info see Tai Chi page for event pricings.


WKF & MMA Weekend Event, Hayastan MMA Academy, Hollywood CA, w/ Shihan Troy Dorsey Event Seminar!

Book Signing & Healh Workshop's, near Yellowstone @ Hastings locations, ID, YW USA

Qi Gogn Tai Chi & Health Seminar Weekend & Booksigning, Apple Athletic Clup & Boise Idaho, Jackson Hall YW, , Idaho by Yellowstone ID USA

Get Fit For Life System Books & DVD events, Workshops & Seminar Events, hosted by Anthony von Sager, Promoted by Cloud Dancer Media, Germany to USA across the globe

Qi Gong Tai Chi Retreat Weekend Workshop Hamburg GER

Qi Gong - Tai Chi & Health Retreat - Seminar Weekend, Big Bear Lake CA USA

Two months Self-defence, Martial Arts Pilot workshop, ca. 1996 at Ballys HQ Health Club at Mid Citi's Dallas TX.USA My Project, my Concept, my Success, Ballys HQ did not go along, after Pilot Program faced out. One Year latter, Ballys HQ just re-named my Concept & implemented the same class US wide! Just called it Fitness-boxing, (but with Kicks & lowkicks, Pad Training, jumprobe etc.) just without me...luckely I'm tought by the best Masters in the World! We all know who is the real Champ here!

Qi Gong Tai Chi & Healt Class Letter of Recomenadation CA

Qi Gogn Tai Chi & Health Seminar Weekend & Convention Center Lecture Workshop

Qi Gong Tai Chi and Dong-Bo Health Seminar Weekend Apple Athletic Club

Yoga & Qi Gong Tai Chi Health Retreat Festival with Book - DVD Booth, Big Bear Lake CA USA

Qi Gong Tai Chi & Dong-Bo Seminar, sucsessful Weekend Apple Athletic Club, even a Blizzard hit the town, the night before! Murphys Law, kicks rule Nr. 1 in gear, never give up!

Qi Gong Tai Chi workshop with Book & DVD sales booth @ Hastings Bookstores ID USA

Youth Martial Arts "Just Say No" education Workshop Yellowstone, ID USA 2, with 5th & 6th much fun

short break, @ Guest at American Idol

4th degree BB test trough WMARA & Beach Seminar with Shihan J. Pat Burleson Marina Del Rey CA USA

6th degree BB Test, only ten weeks after Shoulder operation done...Northridge, CA USA

World Titles, Self defense, Kata, Weapon Kata, Savannah, GA 1998 USA 2x Gold, 1x Silver NBL-SKI

Award Ceremony, Qi Gong Tai Chi Sen, Master Level 4 from WMARA USA, tuck only nearly 40 years of practice...ouz!

with my Teacher Kancho Lemmens before MMA Weekend Seminar @ Hayastan MMA Academy Hollywood CA USA

Savannah GA, Super Grands WM- World Martial Arts Champion Chip Weekend, NBL-SKI, GA USA 98

Qi Gogn Tai Chi & Health Workshop, Sky High Sport Center, Angel National Forest, S. California USA

Savannah GA, Super Grands WM- World Martial Arts Champion Chip Weekend 2, NBL-SKI GA USA 2000, title defense 3 x Gold, sorry Murphys Law, because I could!!

USA national Competition Team, Top Four Hurricanes, Dallas TX ca. 96

Youth Martial Arts "Just Say No" youth self-denfense education Workshop Yellowstone, ID USA

relaxing at Lake Shrine Malibu, CA (behind me at the Shrine, part of Gandhis ashes!) after Martial Arts & Qi Gong Beach Seminar

sommer weekend workshop & Get Fit for Life DVD vol. 3 shooting @ Snake River by Yelllowstone ID USA

Shooting with Shihan Pat Burleson, after Seminar for able Bodies Kids, with MS Poster Child, MS Dallas Texas Foundation USA ca. 94

a Dream come true, to guest by the Champs Booksigning Sugar Ray. the one and only

without words, feeling so blessed...

Photo shooting after winning oldest US nationals "The Legends" by J. Pat Burleson & Bruce Lee, Dallas TX, US 97

Sugar Ray in his element, inspires, M. Hegler still walk around at home - in cyrcles, try to find out how in the World did this happend???

the dream, the vision...

Champion class, at the Youth Center, 35 years after my self went trough the Youth enrichment classes, so great to see there eyes to give back!

a vision, a plan, a friends mechanic shop, make your dream a matter the odds!

work hard, play scary, Halloween Costum Show...

wax on wax of Grasshopper, till prefection...

WKF & MMA Weekend Event, Hayastan MMA Academy, Hollywood CA, promoted by Cloud Dancer Media

follow your vision..ready set, lets ride...finally

have a Vision, follow your vision, live your Dreams, never stop Believing...against all odds! Don't hurt do it in Style...ouz (At Marina Del Rey) shortly after winning tripple Gold World Champions Chips NBL, SKI Savannah GA USA