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Photos, Legends and Rock Stars around the Globe

Back in the Days, World Gym Venice Beach, CA

on Location, with Joe Cocker, amazing Man & Artist alike, RIP my friend, (private Photo, Joe at Recording Studio...)

A dream come true, working with Shihan Chuck Norris, on location Forth Worth TX @ Walker TX Ranger TV show

On location with Frank Zane, USPN TV show

Paulie Ayala always great working with the Champ, used his Gym for filming, even neorated my DvD Get Fit for Life, amazing Guy and Dad, Family Man

2000 I was ask, co opening the Summer Special Olympics next to the greats of all times, Mohamed Ali, to be Reconized by World Champion Daughter, Liala Ali is amazing, She is a true Inspiration to all of us, what a humbling Experiance!

Amazing Weekend, Meeting at the Champs, Booksigning, and be able to chat a little with Sugar Ray, the one and only..

Thanks Guys you both Rock

Guest Starring / On Sound Stage, with Mr. Olympia Frank Zane TV - Int. Power Workout @ ESBN Sport show

with Sergey "the Krusher" Kovalev, reigning WBO light heavyweight champion, in training camp at Big Bear Lake, CA shortly before his title fight against Bernard Hopkins

Simon Kim thanks Brother you Guys Rock

Denny Trejo, amazing Action Star, back in the day worked together on Set of Walker TX Ranger show FW TX, little we knew shorty after Danny rise to become one of finest Hollywood Action Bad Boys Movie Stars, well done, thank you Denny Trejo be blessed Brother.

the Sky is the Limit, with All Dacascus after defending my World Martial Arts titles in Savanah, GA, he was one of the first how alowed me to fight at all 15 years before...

Bruce Lee with Shihan Bob Wall on the set of his Movie

at the Hykachdo Grand Opening & and my 4th Degree BB Test with my Teacher GM Pat & Special Guest GM Gene and GM Gokor..RIP my Friends, always in our Hearts ouz!

at the Legends 97, Shihan Troy Dorsey, 8 times, World Champion & 1st Boxing, Karate & Kickboxing combined World Champion, WAKO, WKA ISAKA... 86 I was there see him win, Munich GER

we will miss GM Gene and my Teacher GM Pat for ever in our hearts, one of the greates Gentelman and Titans of our Arts, ouz!you always will be in our Hearts..

Thanks Shihan, Champ for all the Motivations and Support, ouz Sensei, AvS

Winning Head Shot, 4th pl. Runner up after winning all 4 northern States semi finalist, Face of the 90th / Max & Cosmo

Mr. Germany, Face of the 90th with Max & Cosmo, 1st Disabled Model & finalist, 4th pl. from over 25.000 entries

Beach Seminar MDR, CA with my Sempei Michelle, my 1st US Sempei, out of 4 only the best of the best have made guy made the cut jet!

with Shihan Benny the Jet at the HKD Gala, smile

with Sempei Jessi & Monae, Rockstar Work at his best, Shinwa all around us

Winning US Nationals Cottenbelt 96 NBL TX

Sempei Jessi with our "Rock Stars of Life", two real Champion of Life, true change comes from within

Sempei Jessi in Action, Beach Workout

My Church with Gundy Ashes, amazing Zen Place

with Laranzo Lamas at Location on Set of "Renegate", after Fight scene, Sensei Lamas Hair always perfect...darn it ;)

with my old Friend Floyd Red Crow the Westerman, RIP. Star of Dancing with the Wolf, Walker TX Ranger etc. between shootings @ Marina Beach CA

at Location by Walker TX Ranger TV Show, with "L Q Jones" at the FW Stock Yards next to CD Bar & Grill

Modeling Photo Shoot in LA, CA

Cast of Hawaii 5'0 , thanks to Cast & Crew 2013

On Locaion for Film "Dallas" with Director Michael Preece, and with Star Patic Daffy Dallas TX, with my little Angel on my side...

Bodyguard for 4 times Grammy Winner, B J Thomas @ Dallas TX, Concert & Golf Tournament plus Kids Benefit Dinner Gala, fun weekend

Shihan Bill Superfoot Wallace, kicking my nose back wards after congrats to me defending of my World Martial Arts Tiltels in Savanah, GA 2000 NBL - SKI, PS: never ask an older Gentelman if he still can get his leg up...ouz!

On the Gov Ceremony at the CA Capitol

Breaking after 3rd degree BB Test, Dallas TX, WMARA

Feeling Blessed, Beach Seminar & Belt Test. Santa Monika CA around 2000

With Luis De Ortis, MBL Star, Red Socks, TX Ranger, etc. glad to be able make a big diffrence and help but you back on the field of Dreams, amazing great Guy & Athlete

the Sky is the Limit, 14 x States, 10 x US nationals, 8 x World Champion Titles 97 - 02 counting only 1st places... ;)