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Photos, Legends and Rock Stars around the Globe # 2

after Winningat the Ledgends NBL Tournament Dallas TX 97, with GM Carlos Manchado

A Childhood Dream come true, meeting the Champ, Sugar Ray, amazing inspiration for all, read his book...!

celebrating with Shihan J Pat Bureson & Shihan Mihran, after win the Legends Nationals, Dallas TX

Guest at Cloudia Schiffers Fitness Event, Dallas TX

after strong workout with Shihan, Sifu Danny...amazing humble Friend...

on Location at ""Walker TX Ranger" with Stewart Witman

Photo Shooting, after winning the Legends 97, one of USA oldest Martial Arts Competition, founded by J. Pat Burleson & Bruce Lee...

On Location with Patric Swayze Promotion for "Black Dog", God bless you, we always will hold your great spirit in our Heart, much Love & Peace

Particīs Black Dog Film Poster @ Film premiere, such a Genteman and Artist, losts of Fun to be around, we always will keep you close to our hearts

Found same old Treasure, (with Marlon Brando, which I meet as well once) Director Michael Preece, from Dallas, Walker TX Ranger, President Man etc. & great Qi Gong Student of mine with his lovely Wife of the finest people too!

on Location with Mickey Rourke, (with co staring Danny Trejo) at Set of "Point Blank" at FW-Dallas TX ca. 98

after winning US Nationals 98 NBL SKI

fist WORLD MARTIAL ARTS TITLE, 97 Colorado Springs CO

2 Gold & 1 Silver Wold Titles Defending 98-99 Savanah GA

wining 3 gold in Savanah GA, World Titels NBL SKI 2000-01 & Plus on the Ground, Life time Achivment Award 1999

Beach Seminar, J Pat Burleson & 4th Degr Black Belt Test

Winning 2001 in Los Angeles, CA - 2 Gold 1 Silver NBL SKI World Titles

US National Big D NBL 3rd Place Point Fighting

Shihan Toni Bader my JJ Sensei, one of my gerades Mentors, Teacher beides Shihan Lemmens

Egon Muller Speedway World Champion & Visions in Sport

Marine Clinton @ Legends after winning Silver with a smile

Photo Shoot at Sensei Cliffs for Get Fit For Life DvD 96

Have On occasion have same Fun chasing Bad Boys with Style as Private Officer & Bodyguard Consulting

with Self-defense Partener T. Wells after winning the US Nat. Big D (96 -98) twice

with the Legend Jonny Taco at his Las Vegas Boxing Gym, From Ali to Sugar Ray all trained & sharpen there skills here before fighting for the Title at MGM

Sensei Edo (Yugoslavia) Kyokushinkai Fullkontakt Champion & me after tough match 2nd Dojo, ca. 1991 Birthplace of Top Four Hurricance Team GER

Anthonys Mom, Amazing Model, Artist & Mother. Anyone should make sure our Love once are save, and always respect and Protected, especially young Women, to become loveing Mothers

Finalist 2nd place, Runner Up @ Courage Film Festival 2024, Dark Nights & High Tieds (Lifestory short script) by Anthony von Sager

Master Anthony, ready for another great Tai Chi Seminar

Marine Clinton Galverston, TX 96 at the Hurricane Nationals witch we both won US Champion, NBL-SKI

Great Book-signing Tour @ Hastings Book stores, mid west region USA..

Master Anthony, Qi Gong at Japanese Park / River after great Seminar at the local gym, Master Anthony, Qi Gong Tai Chi Classes/Seminars Gym, so much fun around the US, maybe you will train under him same time too

Shihan Gene at his best, you will be always in our Heart, RIP my Friend ouz

also Shihan Benny the Jet and Guru GM Dan Inosanto, thank you so much for all the Inspiratrion and Lessions of Life in Art..ouz

von Sager Family Crest, 1421, Knighted by King of England