Qi Gong – Tai Chi Rejuvenation Retreat & Motivational Speeches (Workshops)

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What is Qi Gong? (Tai Chi)

Its roots come from the traditional Tai Chi, however especially medical Qi Gong was mainly created for treatment, and physical & emontional health, illness and injury prevantion, from healing Monks (early health practitioners) about 3500-4000 years ago. (in medical Qi Gong also known as Mecial Qi Gong Healer, Prectitioner, QMD) there are many differnent traditional to modern combination in Qi Gong...

It those mainly consist of the use of physical movements or pastures, intention, meditation, relaxation, for Mind & Body, and Soul integration, trough breathing and exercises; to better develop an awareness of the inner Life Force (“Qi”) in our Body, and to use the Mind, combine to create balance between both. Guide our “Qi” toward improve Health & maximum performance, from athletes to any sale force, as well our Seniors and Baby Boomer generations, for anyone with the need to be in a better place of Life, to improve and regain there vital Energy & Strenght, and to re-tap into there natural "Qi"...


Mission and Short History

Qi Gong has been shown to improve cardio-respiratory and heart health, overall health, balance, bone health, helps prevent Asthma and Arthritis symptoms, and overall physically function (Larkey 2010). The Combination of self-awareness with self-correction of daily posture and healthy movement, as well heart health and inner peace, (stress release), movement of the Body, the flow of energy, deeper breathing and balance between of Body & Mind, in harmony and combination with Soul recovery elements, true self-healing capacity meditation and breathing exercises.



Sensei, Anthony von Sager, “ Get Fit for Life” Health System ©, with Qi Gong Health Workshops, such as Master Anthonys have been for over many decades used by major 500 Fortune Companies & there CEOs worldwide, with there executive Staffs useing Qi Gong health Systems. Like Master Anthony’s “Get Fit for Life” Systems; for Stress-release and rejuvenation Weekends & Workshops, Qi Gong & Motivational Seminars, for the prevention of Burnout and the Enhancement of higher Daily Productivity, as well for decades Master Anthony used Qi Gong and his Mediations for metal, physically & emotional recovery for Veterans, Police and Victims of Violence and Soldiers alike with amazing results! 


Master Anthony von Sager Life Mission as Teacher & Motivator, always been to give his Studends, as well any  Executives and there Employees, the "tools and experience" to refresh, rejuvenate and restore vital Energy to reach there full Potential, as Indivitual and Team Member, so each of them can “Sale like a Samurai” TM of “Get Fit for Life System”© or simply feel impowered for a stronger place in Life...


Several major US & EU Universities do agree with all health benefits claims, true several year(s) long active health studies, for the long time effect of Qi Gong – Tai Chi! Credits includes; University Irvine, CA UCLA, CA, University of Boston, and University of Michigan (CAM), Uni of Hamburg, Germany, NYU - NY, University of Berkeley CA (just to name a few)



-         Stress Release                            - Rejuvenation

-         Energy Balancing                       - Increased Vitality

-         Pain Relief(s)                              - Improved Respiratory System

-         Boost in Heart Health                - Stronger / higher immune System

-         Increase Productivity                - Enhanced inner drive / Motivation

    Improve(s) counteractive           - Mental Stress / Depression(s)

          Faster Recovery Injuries           - Increase Balance & Coordination’s


Part 2:



To be conducted @ Conference Center of the Resorts or Local Hotel events

Convention Centers, @ local Health Clubs, Location, individual & groups


 Plus - Motivational Speeches & Workshops (combo event's)

-         Qi Gong – Tai Chi Retreats for a Weekend or Week long Workshops

-         Qi Gong – Tai Chi Retreat Classes on a daily or Weekly basis

     Qi Gong - Tai Chi/Yoga Aqua classes ©, (Reha Clincs, Hotels, Gyms)

-         Qi Gong – Tai Chi Meditation & Relaxation Classes

-         Qi Gong – Tai Chi & Fitness Boxing, Kick-boxing (stress release)


    Additional Programs:

    Anti Terror Training, Workshops und Seminars, certification from Staff & Students

   (Blended in harmony; Hand to Hand Combat, Krav Maga, Thai Boxing, Jiu-Jiutzu, Karate, Kali)

    Krav Maga has its origins in the Israeli Special Unit and was also known as Anti Terror "Close Combat" - special training, (depends from which country) defense for; special tight spaces, high stress was to manage terrorist situations and to survive unscathed. And first, for the Israeli Air Marshals, anti-terrorist units, SWAT, as well as all the special comandos, hostage names and there recovery ...

   The Faust rule is still valid today for anti-terrorist units; 1) Defend, 2) Disable, 3) Kill ... in almost all techniques in Anti Terror Fighting as well in Krav Maga, one and the same techniques, only the intensity and strong or from light to full contact implementation of the same. To fend off the attacker, or to disable him if necessary and not maneuvering, or in a war situation such as to or (in a fight for their lives, like Rape and attempted murder) to the dead in justified affect to their own to protect life. Which of course should be the ultimate last resort and implementation, and with a liz., experienced and trust worthy martial arts - Krav Maga experts, this must necessarily accordingly, trained athletic, but also emotionally and mentally not only be physically implemented...

    In order not only to give the student the mental strength to successfully put these lessons into practice correctly, but also with the right accredited martial arts - Anti Terror Fighting & Krav Maga teachers, every student can recognize and perfect his emotional and professional strong, and his personal personality and strong endowments. In addition to the self-defense aspect and increased self-esteem, self-esteem and self-esteem, it is a high quality conditioning workout and very good for daily stress relief a great program to daily tention release

Mastrer Anthony is a liz. Bodyguard for over 30 years and Close Combat Specialist sense the begin 1980th and had the honor to protect one of Hollywood, International Musik & Rock scene A list clients, active workshops and seminars for Close Quater Combat DVD system production and for Major Campanies Training weekends...

feel free to contact Clouddancermedia@gmail.com for Workshops and Pricing and Classes, as well liz. of staff.


Also offering:

We are proud to offer with one of the most reconized Martial Arts Assoc. trough the WMRA Assoc, a in deep comprehansive Qi Gong Tai Chi Education and Certifiactions! without NONE re-certifications after two years as all the other Qi Gong & Tai Chi Assoc. in the USA and EU! and there double Membership fees and "professional member fees" and Certification fees...

we are with the WMARA ask for "one" small anual membership with simply offer high Level of Education Qi Gong Level 1-3. Assistant Trainer Level (1), Trainer Level (2), Master Level (3), higher level also possible...contact Cloud Dancer Media for details and Cost, educations level and time frames.

also; Sport Specific Strength Classes, for individuals and Groups, Amateurs and Pro Teams! (See Master Anthony von Sager website, for detail info on past clients and Pro Athletes he inspired, rehabilitated)

Motivational Seminars and Workshops on a Variety of Topics, including management of Attention, Drive, Focus and Goal Setting, Recovery; as well Team “Winning” building Attitude Recovery. Also available from Master Anthony; Team Goal Setting and Seasonal Strength Workouts, Strengthening after Injury, Team Goal Coaching, Sales & Focus Workshops, for Groups & 500 furtune Clients and daily life Employees...


About the Teacher…

Shihan, Anthony von Sager is a Sen. Master Instructor Level (4) " IV" in Qi Gong – Tai Chi, as well 6th Degree Black Belt in several Martial Art Styles, He holds a Master Education in Sports Fitness & Rehab Lic. from the prestiges Olympic Sports College in N. Germany, and taught for over 35 years trough out the EU & US. Been Head Instructor of several major Health Clubs and Youth Programs, true his Professional Life Amateur and Pro Competitor with two National Competition Teams, also the Wellness Therapist for the Danmarks National Karate team at the Munich GER, WAKO World Kick-boxing Games

Shihan Anthony von Sager is a undefended 8 times World Martial Arts Champion, from 97-2002, May 1999 giving a Livetime Achivement Award true WAKA and was admitted for concideration into the German Hall of Fame of (Jiu-Jitsu) in 2000. True this Master Anthony is able to fuse, his Knowledge as Pro Athlete, Coach, to customize for any Team or Individuals, elevate anyone to greater Height over 35 years Master Anthony travels, inspires world wide with his Power Speeches, Seminars. see @ Youtube & Facebook



Packages & Pricing


Package1: one hour Speech incl. 1 hour Qi Gong Seminar, 1 Gym Workout

T-shirt $, Nutrition assessment, Group of 5; $ 1,500


Package 2:  1 Speech, plus 2 hour Qi Gong Seminar, 1 Gym Workout

1 Hike, 1 Lake Meditation *, Nutrition, T-Shirt; Group of 6-10 $ 2,500


Package 3: 1 Speech, 3 hour (2) Qi Gong Seminar(s), 2 Gym Workout(s),

1 Hike, 1 Lake Meditation *, Nutrition, T-shirt, Group of 15-20  $3,5000


See Seminar and Workshop page for pricing and payment options,

thanks see you at your next event...


$ 3800 Group of 21-30

$ 4500 Group of 30 +

Call for more details, and pricing


Package combos:

* Weekend/weekly Retreats, Workshops, various Combinations, groups


* Travel, Tickets, and Hotel accommodation are separate; if Air-travel applies

* Lake/or *Beach Meditation only by good weather conditions, other wise at Gym locations 


* To Book Seminars or Workshops, Booksignings, go to: Shopping Page or call: 1 800 five44 3615*

All Programs, Events, Fees can be adjusted to Group & Companies individual needs, call for details

Master Level 4 - Sen. Master Qi Gong Tai Chi, Certificate under WMARA USA

Grand Master Karate USA Certificate under WMARA USA

Book Signing & Motivational Seminar @ Bodi Tree Book Store Hollywood, Melrose

Short List Inflammation reducing Foods #1 - daily Diets, by Sensei 6th Dan Anthony von Sager

Short List Inflammation reducing Foods #2- daily Diets, by Sensei 6th Dan Anthony von Sager

3rd degree JJ Black Bellt from my Mentor & Teacher, legendary Shihan Toni Bader

NQA Member, Recognition as Teacher

Seminars, Workshops, interactive Power Speeches & Presentations.

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